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Kevin Shaffer Schuhmacher - Lead Vocals and Keyboards

A native of San Diego Ca. Schuhmacher started singing and playing piano and acting on stage at the age of five . Schuhmacher recorded his first vinyl record at age seven titled, "The Church Alive" at Skyline Wesleyan Church. He  performed in the first 10 years of the Living Christmas Tree, San Diego's famous annual Christmas concert. Kevin has performed at the  Balboa Park Organ Pavilion with The Skyline Kids and High school Chorales. He has also performed at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego.  Attending San Diego State University and Grossmont College as a music major, Schuhmacher studied under Fred Benadetti, in 1986  Benadetti was one of 12 guitarists chosen worldwide to perform in the Master Class of Andres Segovia. Also while attending Grossmont college Schuhmacher   studied under Mike Keneally, Keneally  was the guitarist  and keyboardist for the late Frank Zappa.   Schuhmacher is remembered most  as having the best ear in his class .    
Schuhmacher’s main influences are Black Sabbath with Dio & Ozzy also  Styx, Rainbow and Kansas. When Schuhmacher was in high school he  started   a band named  Sanctions playing  venues such as the world famous Gazzaris Hollywood , The Spirit Club now named The Rock and in Arizona the world  famous Mason Jar performing  all throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Schuhmacher with his band Sanctions directly supported groups such as,  Ratt, Sacred Ryche, Bang Tango, Tony McCalpine, Fottsam & Jetsom and more in both California and Arizona. In 1996 Sanctions released their  first and only self titled album. In  Sanctions Schuhmacher was lead singer and also played piano and keyboards.   Schuhmacher has acted in a few independent films under the Spectrum films indie label and has been both behind the camera and in front of it. 
For 13 years Schuhmacher is best known for his role as Ozzy Osbourne in the national tribute band,  “I Don’t Know?” The Ozzy Experience.
Performing for  casinos and major corporate  events nationwide.
In 2019  Schuhmacher and Brent Barker got together one day over “Coffee & Pie” in Schuhmachers living room and that's where they wrote their first album together and created; “BOOK OF NUMBERS”.... and the rest is history!  



Brent Barker - Lead Guitar

While performing at the 2018 Ronnie Montrose Remembered concert in Los Angeles, critically acclaimed guitarist Brent Barker decided to make an instrumental album with two of his fellow performers that night. Believing that the guitar can transport listeners to new worlds without the aid of vocals, the Brent Barker EP plays like Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen without their singers competing at a battle of the bands judged by Jimi Hendrix.
Brent is supported by a world class line-up which features Chris Frazier (Steve Vai, Whitesnake, Foreigner) on drums and Brad Lang (Y&T, Ratt) on bass. The album was recorded and mixed by multi Grammy winner David Thoener (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Santana). David says about the Brent Barker EP “The fact that there are no vocals makes it more universal. There is no language barrier.”

As of September 26th, 2018, The Brent Barker album is the 5th most added album to rock and metal radio the week of 9/23 according to Metal Contraband, the 4th most added according to NACC Loud Rock and the ONLY independent release on the Top Ten most added.

The album is also resonating with industry professionals and critics. In fact, Anthony Scaltz from Fret Buzz says, “Brent's approach to the rock instrumental idiom is both fresh and in honor of the giants of the past. His phrasing is smooth with hints of blazing technicality, two ingredients guaranteed to cement Brent Barker as one of the new trailblazers of the electric guitar.” IndiePulse Music states “Brent has created a sonic masterpiece”
In 2019 Brent and Kevin Schuhmacher got together over “Coffee & Pie” in Kevin’s living room  and wrote there first album together and created; “BOOK OF NUMBERS” and the rest is history!



Dennis Hayes ~ Bass Guitar

Hayes began his career with the heavy metal band Wretch. Later he was a founding member of the Progressive Heavy Metal band Castle Black with other former members of Wretch, Nick Giannakos (Lead Guitar) and Drummer, Jeff Currenton. It was during this time where he began a long association with Tim "Ripper" Owens ( former singer of Judas Priest), as Castle Black and Winter's Bane often played the same venues around Northeastern Ohio. Hayes eventually was offered, and accepted, membership in Winter's Bane. Both Hayes and Owens performed on Winter's Bane's 1993 debut album Heart of a Killer. Dennis also played in the Heavy metal band Seven Witches from 2004 to 2005, but left to form Beyond Fear together with Owens, a side project to the singer's role in Iced Earth.
After James "Bo" Wallace left Iced Earth in March 2007, Hayes was called in to replace him on the band's upcoming tour. Following Owens' departure from Iced Earth later that year, Hayes also left the band.


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